Traffic Ivy Review — Get Traffic From Others Sharing Your Content

Traffic Ivy Review

Traffic Ivy Review — A Brief Introduction

Traffic Ivy has been designed and built keeping all these and other real problems that real marketers face every day trying to generate real traffic and make real profits. Here’s just 1 thing that you need to generate and drive high-quality Real and Trackable traffic to your offers and guarantee high conversions and more sales.

Rest everything is taken care of by top marketers who will tirelessly work round-the-clock to help you make profits by sending you the traffic I just mentioned. Traffic Ivy platform is equipped to deliver Only high-quality traffic.

Just login to create and publish ads in multiple media formats once published (using our step-by-step wizard), your campaigns would go live and start receiving REAL traffic instantly. You’ll be able to have your choice of

  • Articles displayed on our growing network of niche targeted blogs.
  • Banners displayed across hundreds of blogs and websites (not limited to WordPress).
  • Facebook posts on real people’s FB pages/groups and walls.
  • Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit posts on REAL accounts.
  • Videos uploaded to a wide variety of real YouTube accounts.

Just follow these 2 steps and you will never need to worry again for traffic.

Step 1: Create Your Traffic Ivy Account choose your traffic points package below and your account will be ready to go

Step 2: Login & Tell Us Where To Send Your Traffic using your traffic points, simply create a traffic campaign with the content you want shared.

This challenge can quickly be fixed with the new tool that I will introduce to you in my review. It happens to be a community with a win/win concept where the outcome is to create a strong traffic network.

What is Traffic Ivy All About?

Traffic Ivy was constructed as a cloud based software tool for traffic generation. Whereas many other tools drive traffic by optimizing your content or re-targeting, this brand new software functions similar to an online game where you can have traffic through painstaking effort or by paying the cash. Which means that both paid and free traffic can be obtained.

Individuals using Traffic Ivy will earn “Traffic Points” and subsequently use these points to trade for traffic. If you need or want additional points without leveling up in a long time, you have the option to purchase more points and therefore generate the quantity of traffic you want.

Well, does this sound interesting to you so far? Now let’s talk about who the developer of Traffic Ivy is.

Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic From Our Massive Growing Network Of Blogs Spread Across 22 Categories,
Upload Your Videos Onto Hundreds Of Active YouTube Accounts For REAL Hot Traffic To Anything You Choose,
Post Your Content On 1,000’s Of Active Social Media Accounts On FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Reddit,
Go Viral With Multiple People Sharing It On Multiple Social Media Accounts Within Our Huge Network,
Community Driven Rating System To Guarantee You Only The Best High-Quality Traffic.

High-Quality Real Traffic To Your Offers In Just 3 Simple ‘Idiot-Proof’ Steps using Traffic Ivy:
Step 1: Connect your social media accounts and websites,
Step 2: Collect Points for sharing relevant community content,
Step 3: Use Points on targeted traffic to your content & offers.

Traffic Ivy Price & Discounts

For those who are impressed by the Traffic Ivy review and are interested in trying out this software then here is a quick listing on the price of Traffic Ivy.

One Time Payment Option: For those who are looking forward to testing the Traffic Ivy software as a one-time option before going ahead with a longer plan then here is what the creator has to offer:

  • $9.97 for 2,000 points
  • $29.97 for 5,000 points
  • $49.97 for 10,000 points

Subscription Options: Users who are quite impressed by the Traffic Ivy review and look forward to being associated with it for a longer time then here are the options for them:

  • The Traffic Ivy Pro Subscription for $27 per month(Gold) gets them 5,000 traffic points for a month.
  • The Traffic Ivy Pro Subscription for $47 per month(Platinum) gets them 10,000 traffic points for a month. The Traffic Ivy price for being a pro member has certain advantages.
  • The Pro subscribers are entitled to twice as more points than what the regular members are entitled to. They are also entitled to receive premium customer support through Skype.
  • Unlike the regular members who have to wait for about 7 days to receive the points, the pro users get them in 24 hours.

Membership Option: Users who are ready to get more than just traffic also have an exciting plan which Cindy Donovan offers to them an interesting Traffic Ivy membership: The Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle for $97 gets them-

  • A fully hosted WordPress blog that comprises of 5 landing page systems completely managed and built-in monetization.
  • You get part access to the WordPress plugin which lets you connect your blog and automate content and traffic by first publishing your article from the Traffic Ivy marketplace to enable the people to automatically share your articles on targeted social media platforms and second by publishing the content from Traffic Ivy marketplace to your blog. So you get access to new content along with earning traffic points to fuel your shares.
  • You can create fully hosted WordPress blogs which are created with lead generation forms that auto-connect to manage affiliate marketing lists so you can earn a commission. This is just a one-time payment package and you don’t have to pay anything extra to host or any other process.
  • Once you pay the $97 you have access to a full ready to publish a blog that will drive traffic and help you earn a commission.[/su_box]

Get Instant Access Today Here

Traffic Ivy – Conclusion

Traffic Ivy provides a good opportunity for new marketers to share their contents via social media. I like the idea of it, but I think the novelty is wearing off. Users perhaps realize that they’re not particularly getting better results simply by sharing each other’s contents.

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