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We have created this Privacy Policy and Terms to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and security.

Privacy Policy

We are very delighted that you have shown interestin our enterprise. Data protection is of a particularly high priorityfor the management of the The use of the Internetpages of the is possible without any indication ofpersonal data; however, if a data subject wants to use specialenterprise services via our website, processing of personal datacould become necessary. If the processing of personal data isnecessary and there is no statutory basis for such processing, wegenerally obtain consent from the data subject.

The processing of personal data, such as the name,address, e-mail address, or telephone number of a data subject shallalways be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),and in accordance with the country-specific data protectionregulations applicable to the By means of this dataprotection declaration, our enterprise would like to inform thegeneral public of the nature, scope, and purpose of the personal datawe collect, use and process. Furthermore, data subjects are informed,by means of this data protection declaration, of the rights to whichthey are entitled.

As the controller, the hasimplemented numerous technical and organizational measures to ensurethe most complete protection of personal data processed through thiswebsite. However, Internet-based data transmissions may in principlehave security gaps, so absolute protection may not be guaranteed. Forthis reason, every data subject is free to transfer personal data tous via alternative means, e.g. by telephone.

1. Definitions

The data protection declaration of the is based on the terms used by the European legislatorfor the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).Our data protection declaration should be legible and understandablefor the general public, as well as our customers and businesspartners. To ensure this, we would like to first explain theterminology used.

In this data protection declaration, we use, interalia, the following terms:

  • a)    Personal data
  • b) Data subject
  • c)    Processing
  • d)    Restriction of processing
  • e)    Profiling
  • f)     Pseudonymisation
  • g)    Controller or controller responsible for the processing
  • h)    Processor
  • i)      Recipient
  • j)      Third party
  • k)    Consent

2. Name and Address of the controller

Controller for the purposes of the General DataProtection Regulation (GDPR), other data protection laws applicablein Member states of the European Union and other provisions relatedto data protection is:

Erroll Road

East Sussex


Phone: 0178374930473



3. Cookies

The Internet pages of the usecookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer systemvia an Internet browser.

Many Internet sites and servers use cookies. Manycookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a uniqueidentifier of the cookie. It consists of a character string throughwhich Internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specificInternet browser in which the cookie was stored. This allows visitedInternet sites and servers to differentiate the individual browser ofthe dats subject from other Internet browsers that contain othercookies. A specific Internet browser can be recognized and identifiedusing the unique cookie ID.

Through the use of cookies, the canprovide the users of this website with more user-friendly servicesthat would not be possible without the cookie setting.

By means of a cookie, the information and offerson our website can be optimized with the user in mind. Cookies allowus, as previously mentioned, to recognize our website users. Thepurpose of this recognition is to make it easier for users to utilizeour website. The website user that uses cookies, e.g. does not haveto enter access data each time the website is accessed, because thisis taken over by the website, and the cookie is thus stored on theuser’s computer system. Another example is the cookie of a shoppingcart in an online shop. The online store remembers the articles thata customer has placed in the virtual shopping cart via a cookie.

The data subject may, at any time, prevent thesetting of cookies through our website by means of a correspondingsetting of the Internet browser used, and may thus permanently denythe setting of cookies. Furthermore, already set cookies may bedeleted at any time via an Internet browser or other softwareprograms. This is possible in all popular Internet browsers. If thedata subject deactivates the setting of cookies in the Internetbrowser used, not all functions of our website may be entirelyusable.

4. Collection of general data and information

The website of the collects aseries of general data and information when a data subject orautomated system calls up the website. This general data andinformation are stored in the server log files. Collected may be (1)the browser types and versions used, (2) the operating system used bythe accessing system, (3) the website from which an accessing systemreaches our website (so-called referrers), (4) the sub-websites, (5)the date and time of access to the Internet site, (6) an Internetprotocol address (IP address), (7) the Internet service provider ofthe accessing system, and (8) any other similar data and informationthat may be used in the event of attacks on our informationtechnology systems.

When using these general data and information, the does not draw any conclusions about the data subject.Rather, this information is needed to (1) deliver the content of ourwebsite correctly, (2) optimize the content of our website as well asits advertisement, (3) ensure the long-term viability of ourinformation technology systems and website technology, and (4)provide law enforcement authorities with the information necessaryfor criminal prosecution in case of a cyber-attack. Therefore, the anonymously collected data and informationstatistically, with the aim of increasing the data protection anddata security of our enterprise, and to ensure an optimal level ofprotection for the personal data we process. The anonymous data ofthe server log files are stored separately from all personal dataprovided by a data subject.

5. Registration on our website

The data subject has the possibility to registeron the website of the controller with the indication of personaldata. Which personal data are transmitted to the controller isdetermined by the respective input mask used for the registration.The personal data entered by the data subject are collected andstored exclusively for internal use by the controller, and for hisown purposes. The controller may request transfer to one or moreprocessors (e.g. a parcel service) that also uses personal data foran internal purpose which is attributable to the controller.

By registering on the website of the controller,the IP address—assigned by the Internet service provider (ISP) andused by the data subject—date, and time of the registration arealso stored. The storage of this data takes place against thebackground that this is the only way to prevent the misuse of ourservices, and, if necessary, to make it possible to investigatecommitted offenses. Insofar, the storage of this data is necessary tosecure the controller. This data is not passed on to third partiesunless there is a statutory obligation to pass on the data, or if thetransfer serves the aim of criminal prosecution.

The registration of the data subject, with thevoluntary indication of personal data, is intended to enable thecontroller to offer the data subject contents or services that mayonly be offered to registered users due to the nature of the matterin question. Registered persons are free to change the personal dataspecified during the registration at any time, or to have themcompletely deleted from the data stock of the controller.

The data controller shall, at any time, provideinformation upon request to each data subject as to what personaldata are stored about the data subject. In addition, the datacontroller shall correct or erase personal data at the request orindication of the data subject, insofar as there are no statutorystorage obligations. The entirety of the controller’s employees areavailable to the data subject in this respect as contact persons.

6. Subscription to our newsletters

On the website of the, users aregiven the opportunity to subscribe to our enterprise’s newsletter.The input mask used for this purpose determines what personal dataare transmitted, as well as when the newsletter is ordered from thecontroller.

The informs its customers andbusiness partners regularly by means of a newsletter about enterpriseoffers. The enterprise’s newsletter may only be received by the datasubject if (1) the data subject has a valid e-mail address and (2)the data subject registers for the newsletter shipping. Aconfirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address registered bya data subject for the first time for newsletter shipping, for legalreasons, in the double opt-in procedure. This confirmation e-mail isused to prove whether the owner of the e-mail address as the datasubject is authorized to receive the newsletter.

During the registration for the newsletter, wealso store the IP address of the computer system assigned by theInternet service provider (ISP) and used by the data subject at thetime of the registration, as well as the date and time of theregistration. The collection of this data is necessary in order tounderstand the (possible) misuse of the e-mail address of a datasubject at a later date, and it therefore serves the aim of the legalprotection of the controller.

The personal data collected as part of aregistration for the newsletter will only be used to send ournewsletter. In addition, subscribers to the newsletter may beinformed by e-mail, as long as this is necessary for the operation ofthe newsletter service or a registration in question, as this couldbe the case in the event of modifications to the newsletter offer, orin the event of a change in technical circumstances. There will be notransfer of personal data collected by the newsletter service tothird parties. The subscription to our newsletter may be terminatedby the data subject at any time. The consent to the storage ofpersonal data, which the data subject has given for shipping thenewsletter, may be revoked at any time. For the purpose of revocationof consent, a corresponding link is found in each newsletter. It isalso possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time directlyon the website of the controller, or to communicate this to thecontroller in a different way.

7. Newsletter-Tracking

The newsletter of the containsso-called tracking pixels. A tracking pixel is a miniature graphicembedded in such e-mails, which are sent in HTML format to enable logfile recording and analysis. This allows a statistical analysis ofthe success or failure of online marketing campaigns. Based on theembedded tracking pixel, the may see if and when ane-mail was opened by a data subject, and which links in the e-mailwere called up by data subjects.

Such personal data collected in the trackingpixels contained in the newsletters are stored and analyzed by thecontroller in order to optimize the shipping of the newsletter, aswell as to adapt the content of future newsletters even better to theinterests of the data subject. These personal data will not be passedon to third parties. Data subjects are at any time entitled to revokethe respective separate declaration of consent issued by means of thedouble-opt-in procedure. After a revocation, these personal data willbe deleted by the controller. The automaticallyregards a withdrawal from the receipt of the newsletter as arevocation.

8. Contact possibility via the website

The website of the containsinformation that enables a quick electronic contact to ourenterprise, as well as direct communication with us, which alsoincludes a general address of the so-called electronic mail (e-mailaddress). If a data subject contacts the controller by e-mail or viaa contact form, the personal data transmitted by the data subject areautomatically stored. Such personal data transmitted on a voluntarybasis by a data subject to the data controller are stored for thepurpose of processing or contacting the data subject. There is notransfer of this personal data to third parties.

9. Routine erasure and blocking of personal data

The data controller shall process and store thepersonal data of the data subject only for the period necessary toachieve the purpose of storage, or as far as this is granted by theEuropean legislator or other legislators in laws or regulations towhich the controller is subject to.

If the storage purpose is not applicable, or if astorage period prescribed by the European legislator or anothercompetent legislator expires, the personal data are routinely blockedor erased in accordance with legal requirements.

10. Rights of the data subject

  • a) Right of confirmation
  • b) Right of access
  • the purposes of the processing;
  • the categories of personal data concerned;
  • the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed, in particular recipients in third countries or international organisations;
  • where possible, the envisaged period for which the personal data will be stored, or, if not possible, the criteria used to determine that period;
  • the existence of the right to request from the controller rectification or erasure of personal data, or restriction of processing of personal data concerning the data subject, or to object to such processing;
  • the existence of the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;
  • where the personal data are not collected from the data subject, any available information as to their source;
  • the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling, referred to in Article 22(1) and (4) of the GDPR and, at least in those cases, meaningful information about the logic involved, as well as the significance and envisaged consequences of such processing for the data subject.
  • c) Right to rectification
  • d) Right to erasure (Right to be forgotten)
  • The personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed.
  • The data subject withdraws consent to which the processing is based according to point (a) of Article 6(1) of the GDPR, or point (a) of Article 9(2) of the GDPR, and where there is no other legal ground for the processing.
  • The data subject objects to the processing pursuant to Article 21(1) of the GDPR and there are no overriding legitimate grounds for the processing, or the data subject objects to the processing pursuant to Article 21(2) of the GDPR.
  • The personal data have been unlawfully processed.
  • The personal data must be erased for compliance with a legal obligation in Union or Member State law to which the controller is subject.
  • The personal data have been collected in relation to the offer of information society services referred to in Article 8(1) of the GDPR.
  • e) Right of restriction of processing
  • The accuracy of the personal data is contested by the data subject, for a period enabling the controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data.
  • The processing is unlawful and the data subject opposes the erasure of the personal data and requests instead the restriction of their use instead.
  • The controller no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of the processing, but they are required by the data subject for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
  • The data subject has objected to processing pursuant to Article 21(1) of the GDPR pending the verification whether the legitimate grounds of the controller override those of the data subject.
  • f) Right to data portability
  • g) Right to object
  • h) Automated individual decision-making, including profiling
  • i) Right to withdraw data protection consent

11. Data protection provisions about theapplication and use of Facebook

On this website, the controller has integratedcomponents of the enterprise Facebook. Facebook is a social network.

A social network is a place for social meetings onthe Internet, an online community, which usually allows users tocommunicate with each other and interact in a virtual space. A socialnetwork may serve as a platform for the exchange of opinions andexperiences, or enable the Internet community to provide personal orbusiness-related information. Facebook allows social network users toinclude the creation of private profiles, upload photos, and networkthrough friend requests.

The operating company of Facebook is Facebook,Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States. If a personlives outside of the United States or Canada, the controller is theFacebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour,Dublin 2, Ireland.

With each call-up to one of the individual pagesof this Internet website, which is operated by the controller andinto which a Facebook component (Facebook plug-ins) was integrated,the web browser on the information technology system of the datasubject is automatically prompted to download display of thecorresponding Facebook component from Facebook through the Facebookcomponent. An overview of all the Facebook Plug-ins may be accessedunder During thecourse of this technical procedure, Facebook is made aware of whatspecific sub-site of our website was visited by the data subject.

If the data subject is logged in at the same timeon Facebook, Facebook detects with every call-up to our website bythe data subject—and for the entire duration of their stay on ourInternet site—which specific sub-site of our Internet page wasvisited by the data subject. This information is collected throughthe Facebook component and associated with the respective Facebookaccount of the data subject. If the data subject clicks on one of theFacebook buttons integrated into our website, e.g. the “Like”button, or if the data subject submits a comment, then Facebookmatches this information with the personal Facebook user account ofthe data subject and stores the personal data.

Facebook always receives, through the Facebookcomponent, information about a visit to our website by the datasubject, whenever the data subject is logged in at the same time onFacebook during the time of the call-up to our website. This occursregardless of whether the data subject clicks on the Facebookcomponent or not. If such a transmission of information to Facebookis not desirable for the data subject, then he or she may preventthis by logging off from their Facebook account before a call-up toour website is made.

The data protection guideline published byFacebook, which is available at,provides information about the collection, processing and use ofpersonal data by Facebook. In addition, it is explained there whatsetting options Facebook offers to protect the privacy of the datasubject. In addition, different configuration options are madeavailable to allow the elimination of data transmission to Facebook.These applications may be used by the data subject to eliminate adata transmission to Facebook.

12. Data protection provisions about theapplication and use of Google Remarketing

On this website, the controller has integratedGoogle Remarketing services. Google Remarketing is a feature ofGoogle AdWords, which allows an enterprise to display advertising toInternet users who have previously resided on the enterprise’sInternet site. The integration of Google Remarketing therefore allowsan enterprise to create user-based advertising and thus showsrelevant advertisements to interested Internet users.

The operating company of the Google Remarketingservices is the Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View,CA 94043-1351, United States.

The purpose of Google Remarketing is the insertionof interest-relevant advertising. Google Remarketing allows us todisplay ads on the Google network or on other websites, which arebased on individual needs and matched to the interests of Internetusers.

Google Remarketing sets a cookie on theinformation technology system of the data subject. The definition ofcookies is explained above. With the setting of the cookie, Googleenables a recognition of the visitor of our website if he calls upconsecutive web pages, which are also a member of the Googleadvertising network. With each call-up to an Internet site on whichthe service has been integrated by Google Remarketing, the webbrowser of the data subject identifies automatically with Google.During the course of this technical procedure, Google receivespersonal information, such as the IP address or the surfing behaviourof the user, which Google uses, inter alia, for the insertion ofinterest relevant advertising.

The cookie is used to store personal information,e.g. the Internet pages visited by the data subject. Each time wevisit our Internet pages, personal data, including the IP address ofthe Internet access used by the data subject, is transmitted toGoogle in the United States of America. These personal data arestored by Google in the United States of America. Google may passthese personal data collected through the technical procedure tothird parties.

The data subject may, as stated above, prevent thesetting of cookies through our website at any time by means of acorresponding adjustment of the web browser used and thus permanentlydeny the setting of cookies. Such an adjustment to the Internetbrowser used would also prevent Google from setting a cookie on theinformation technology system of the data subject. In addition,cookies already in use by Google may be deleted at any time via a webbrowser or other software programs.

In addition, the data subject has the possibilityof objecting to the interest-based advertising by Google. For thispurpose, the data subject must call up the link and make the desired settings on eachInternet browser used by the data subject.

Further information and the actual data protectionprovisions of Google may be retrieved under

13. Data protection provisions about theapplication and use of Google-AdWords

On this website, the controller has integratedGoogle AdWords. Google AdWords is a service for Internet advertisingthat allows the advertiser to place ads in Google search engineresults and the Google advertising network. Google AdWords allows anadvertiser to pre-define specific keywords with the help of which anad on Google’s search results only then displayed, when the userutilizes the search engine to retrieve a keyword-relevant searchresult. In the Google Advertising Network, the ads are distributed onrelevant web pages using an automatic algorithm, taking into accountthe previously defined keywords.

The operating company of Google AdWords is GoogleInc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, UNITEDSTATES.

The purpose of Google AdWords is the promotion ofour website by the inclusion of relevant advertising on the websitesof third parties and in the search engine results of the searchengine Google and an insertion of third-party advertising on ourwebsite.

If a data subject reaches our website via a Googlead, a conversion cookie is filed on the information technology systemof the data subject through Google. The definition of cookies isexplained above. A conversion cookie loses its validity after 30 daysand is not used to identify the data subject. If the cookie has notexpired, the conversion cookie is used to check whether certainsub-pages, e.g, the shopping cart from an online shop system, werecalled up on our website. Through the conversion cookie, both Googleand the controller can understand whether a person who reached anAdWords ad on our website generated sales, that is, executed orcanceled a sale of goods.

The data and information collected through the useof the conversion cookie is used by Google to create visit statisticsfor our website. These visit statistics are used in order todetermine the total number of users who have been served throughAdWords ads to ascertain the success or failure of each AdWords adand to optimize our AdWords ads in the future. Neither our companynor other Google AdWords advertisers receive information from Googlethat could identify the data subject.

The conversion cookie stores personal information,e.g. the Internet pages visited by the data subject. Each time wevisit our Internet pages, personal data, including the IP address ofthe Internet access used by the data subject, is transmitted toGoogle in the United States of America. These personal data arestored by Google in the United States of America. Google may passthese personal data collected through the technical procedure tothird parties.

The data subject may, at any time, prevent thesetting of cookies by our website, as stated above, by means of acorresponding setting of the Internet browser used and thuspermanently deny the setting of cookies. Such a setting of theInternet browser used would also prevent Google from placing aconversion cookie on the information technology system of the datasubject. In addition, a cookie set by Google AdWords may be deletedat any time via the Internet browser or other software programs.

The data subject has a possibility of objecting tothe interest based advertisement of Google. Therefore, the datasubject must access from each of the browsers in use the and set the desired settings.

Further information and the applicable dataprotection provisions of Google may be retrieved under

14. Data protection provisions about theapplication and use of LinkedIn

The controller has integrated components of theLinkedIn Corporation on this website. LinkedIn is a web-based socialnetwork that enables users with existing business contacts to connectand to make new business contacts. Over 400 million registered peoplein more than 200 countries use LinkedIn. Thus, LinkedIn is currentlythe largest platform for business contacts and one of the mostvisited websites in the world.

The operating company of LinkedIn is LinkedInCorporation, 2029 Stierlin Court Mountain View, CA 94043, UNITEDSTATES. For privacy matters outside of the UNITED STATES LinkedInIreland, Privacy Policy Issues, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2,Ireland, is responsible.

With each call-up to one of the individual pagesof this Internet site, which is operated by the controller and onwhich a LinkedIn component (LinkedIn plug-in) was integrated, theInternet browser on the information technology system of the datasubject is automatically prompted to the download of a display of thecorresponding LinkedIn component of LinkedIn. Further informationabout the LinkedIn plug-in may be accessed under During the course of thistechnical procedure, LinkedIn gains knowledge of what specificsub-page of our website was visited by the data subject.

If the data subject is logged in at the same timeon LinkedIn, LinkedIn detects with every call-up to our website bythe data subject—and for the entire duration of their stay on ourInternet site—which specific sub-page of our Internet page wasvisited by the data subject. This information is collected throughthe LinkedIn component and associated with the respective LinkedInaccount of the data subject. If the data subject clicks on one of theLinkedIn buttons integrated on our website, then LinkedIn assignsthis information to the personal LinkedIn user account of the datasubject and stores the personal data.

LinkedIn receives information via the LinkedIncomponent that the data subject has visited our website, providedthat the data subject is logged in at LinkedIn at the time of thecall-up to our website. This occurs regardless of whether the personclicks on the LinkedIn button or not. If such a transmission ofinformation to LinkedIn is not desirable for the data subject, thenhe or she may prevent this by logging off from their LinkedIn accountbefore a call-up to our website is made.

LinkedIn provides under the possibility tounsubscribe from e-mail messages, SMS messages and targeted ads, aswell as the ability to manage ad settings. LinkedIn also usesaffiliates such as Eire, Google Analytics, BlueKai, DoubleClick,Nielsen, Comscore, Eloqua, and Lotame. The setting of such cookiesmay be denied under Theapplicable privacy policy for LinkedIn is available under The LinkedIn CookiePolicy is available under

15. Payment Method: Data protection provisionsabout the use of PayPal as a payment processor

On this website, the controller has integratedcomponents of PayPal. PayPal is an online payment service provider.Payments are processed via so-called PayPal accounts, which representvirtual private or business accounts. PayPal is also able to processvirtual payments through credit cards when a user does not have aPayPal account. A PayPal account is managed via an e-mail address,which is why there are no classic account numbers. PayPal makes itpossible to trigger online payments to third parties or to receivepayments. PayPal also accepts trustee functions and offers buyerprotection services.

The European operating company of PayPal is PayPal(Europe) S.à.r.l. & Cie. S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, 2449Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

If the data subject chooses “PayPal” asthe payment option in the online shop during the ordering process, weautomatically transmit the data of the data subject to PayPal. Byselecting this payment option, the data subject agrees to thetransfer of personal data required for payment processing.

The personal data transmitted to PayPal is usuallyfirst name, last name, address, email address, IP address, telephonenumber, mobile phone number, or other data necessary for paymentprocessing. The processing of the purchase contract also requiressuch personal data, which are in connection with the respectiveorder.

The transmission of the data is aimed at paymentprocessing and fraud prevention. The controller will transferpersonal data to PayPal, in particular, if a legitimate interest inthe transmission is given. The personal data exchanged between PayPaland the controller for the processing of the data will be transmittedby PayPal to economic credit agencies. This transmission is intendedfor identity and creditworthiness checks.

PayPal will, if necessary, pass on personal datato affiliates and service providers or subcontractors to the extentthat this is necessary to fulfill contractual obligations or for datato be processed in the order.

The data subject has the possibility to revokeconsent for the handling of personal data at any time from PayPal. Arevocation shall not have any effect on personal data which must beprocessed, used or transmitted in accordance with (contractual)payment processing.

The applicable data protection provisions ofPayPal may be retrieved under

16. Legal basis for the processing

Art. 6(1) lit. a GDPR serves as the legal basisfor processing operations for which we obtain consent for a specificprocessing purpose. If the processing of personal data is necessaryfor the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party,as is the case, for example, when processing operations are necessaryfor the supply of goods or to provide any other service, theprocessing is based on Article 6(1) lit. b GDPR. The same applies tosuch processing operations which are necessary for carrying outpre-contractual measures, for example in the case of inquiriesconcerning our products or services. Is our company subject to alegal obligation by which processing of personal data is required,such as for the fulfillment of tax obligations, the processing isbased on Art. 6(1) lit. c GDPR. In rare cases, the processing ofpersonal data may be necessary to protect the vital interests of thedata subject or of another natural person. This would be the case,for example, if a visitor were injured in our company and his name,age, health insurance data or other vital information would have tobe passed on to a doctor, hospital or other third party. Then theprocessing would be based on Art. 6(1) lit. d GDPR. Finally,processing operations could be based on Article 6(1) lit. f GDPR.This legal basis is used for processing operations which are notcovered by any of the abovementioned legal grounds, if processing isnecessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by ourcompany or by a third party, except where such interests areoverridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of thedata subject which require protection of personal data. Suchprocessing operations are particularly permissible because they havebeen specifically mentioned by the European legislator. He consideredthat a legitimate interest could be assumed if the data subject is aclient of the controller (Recital 47 Sentence 2 GDPR).

17. The legitimate interests pursued by thecontroller or by a third party

Where the processing of personal data is based onArticle 6(1) lit. f GDPR our legitimate interest is to carry out ourbusiness in favor of the well-being of all our employees and theshareholders.

18. Period for which the personal data will bestored

The criteria used to determine the period ofstorage of personal data is the respective statutory retentionperiod. After expiration of that period, the corresponding data isroutinely deleted, as long as it is no longer necessary for thefulfillment of the contract or the initiation of a contract.

19. Provision of personal data as statutory orcontractual requirement; Requirement necessary to enter into acontract; Obligation of the data subject to provide the personaldata; possible consequences of failure to provide such data

We clarify that the provision of personal data ispartly required by law (e.g. tax regulations) or can also result fromcontractual provisions (e.g. information on the contractual partner).Sometimes it may be necessary to conclude a contract that the datasubject provides us with personal data, which must subsequently beprocessed by us. The data subject is, for example, obliged to provideus with personal data when our company signs a contract with him orher. The non-provision of the personal data would have theconsequence that the contract with the data subject could not beconcluded. Before personal data is provided by the data subject, thedata subject must contact any employee. The employee clarifies to thedata subject whether the provision of the personal data is requiredby law or contract or is necessary for the conclusion of thecontract, whether there is an obligation to provide the personal dataand the consequences of non-provision of the personal data.


When visitors leave comments on the site wecollect the data shown in the comments form, and also the visitor’sIP address and browser user agent string to help spam detection.

An anonymized string created from your emailaddress (also called a hash) may be provided to the Gravatar serviceto see if you are using it. The Gravatar service privacy policy isavailable here: After approval ofyour comment, your profile picture is visible to the public in thecontext of your comment.

21. Media

If you upload images to the website, you shouldavoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS)included. Visitors to the website can download and extract anylocation data from images on the website.

Adsense Disclaimer

This website uses Google Adsense, aWeb-advertising-service of Google Inc., United States/UK (“Google”).Google Adsense uses “cookies” (text files) that are stored onyour computer and allows an analysis of the use of this website byyou.

Google Adsense also uses so-called “Web Beacons”(small invisible images) to gather information. Through the use ofWeb beacons simple actions such as the visitor traffic to the websitecan be recorded and collected. The information generated by thecookie and/or Web Beacon is information about your use of this site(Url), including your IP address and will be transferred to a Googleserver in the U.S. and stored there.

Google will use this information to evaluate youruse of the site in order to show and compile reports on websiteactivity and ads for website operators and providing other serviceswith website and internet related services. Google may also transferthis information to third parties where this is required by law, orwhere such third parties process the information on Google’sbehalf.

Google will not associate your IP address with anyother data held by Google. You can avoid storing cookies on your harddrive and the display of Web Beacons by choosing to accept in yourbrowser settings, “cookies” (in MS Internet Explorer under“Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Settings”, in Firefoxunder Tools> Settings> Privacy> Cookies), we would point outhowever that this may prevent you from using all the features of thiswebsite.

We do not use cookies to:

Collect any personally identifiable information(without your express permission)
Collect any sensitiveinformation (without your express permission)
Pass personallyidentifiable data to third parties
Pay sales commissions

By using this site you agree to the processing ofdata about you by Google in the manner described, and agree to theaforementioned purpose.

Privacy Statement for has created this privacy statement to describe our firm and honest commitment to your privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website: “”. We seek to protect your private information so that you have a pleasurable and safe viewing experience on our Web site. We will not sell, rent, trade, or disclose your personally identifiable information to anyone or any 3rd party except as explained in this policy. Please return to this page from time to time, as we will be updating this statement as our services continue to grow. We welcome and encourage questions, comments, and suggestions. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Personally Identifiable Information

What Personally Identifiable Information Is:

Personally identifiable information is your name,country and e-mail address. In order to protect our customers wecollect the minimum information needed for customer tracking andnothing more.

Where We Collect Personally IdentifiableInformation collects personally identifiable information when you (1) subscribe to the website, (2) enter contests, (3) login to the website (we also monitor IP addresses to prevent abuse of our system and to detect any fraudulent activities)  (4) submit feedback, questions, or “contact us” messages (5) When playing games from members area (in order to track your membership plan depletion).

How We Use Personally Identifiable Information uses your personally identifiable information to personalize your experience on our Web site, to deliver products and/or services ordered and/or purchased by you and to contact you.

Who We Disclose Personally IdentifiableInformation To will not sell, rent, trade, or disclose your personally identifiable information to anyone except as explained in this policy. You may opt-out of receiving email updates by sending an email with “remove” in the subject line to It may take up to 10 days to be removed from the list. may also disclose your personalinformation to law enforcement personnel, government officials, orothers when we, in our sole discretion, believe that disclosure isnecessary to prevent violations of the law, injury to person orproperty, or any harm to or other members of the website.


This site has security measures in place toprotect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under ourcontrol. Employees are notified in staff meetings of securitypolicies and practices regularly. Access to data limited andemployees obtain access to log files by a secured password. periodically reviews web security and ensures that allpolicies and practices are adhered to within the company.

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